A mother and her condition of ~ Glory

The HEART of a MOTHER is glorified by the intention of her condition as MOTHER!  What is the GLORY of MOTHER?

THE GLORY is in admitting there is original sin.

The GLORY is in acknowledging her children have original sin at birth and in the conception.

The GLORY is in recognizing there is original sin in her children and thus, she GLORIFIES THE extension through her intention.

A mother who is a KNOWLEDGE of this, is a MOTHER INDEED!

Painting by Meryl Viola Bravo

EWTN and Meryl Viola Bravo ~

What are the Foundresses and Founders of a PRAISE and GLORY?  Do you know when the PERSON of their ETERNAL BEING caused the spark and INFLAMED A FIRE that RENEWED and prudently came into resistance and then became the RENEWAL!  Lord of Heaven and Earth, I thank you for choosing the lowly and the small who are unseen.  FOR IN THEIR HIDDEN glory, the FOUNDATION IS FOUND ONLY IN YOU!

Praised be to the FATHER, for we have founded a CONSTANCY and the CONSTANCY is rooted in the FOUNDER!